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Website maintenance can be one of the most boring task if you are not a webmaster. Don't spend hours learning how to maintain a website, and focus all your energy on your business. How to be sure to have no missing images, no broken links and no bugs ? By entrusting your website maintenance to a skilled and talented freelance webmaster. No matter what condition your site is in, our experienced freelance webmaster can jump right in and get it back on track. Contact us for more information

  • Enhancing existing features of your website, development of new online application
  • Adding and updating content (texts, graphics) : unless than 24-hour turnaround time, and at a low cost : low hourly rates or monthly minimums regarding your needs.
  • Graphic development Providing a full range of webdesign services if you decide your site needs a facelift
  • Optimization for Search Engines Analyzing and reporting on your site traffic statistics
  • Bug fixing and technical support.
  • Technical Management of your site: server administration, HTTP, FTP and database connectivity, SMTP e-mail gateway, security and error-handling.


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