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What is a webmaster ? The alias or role of the person(s) responsible for the development and maintenance of one or more web servers and/or some or all of the web pages at a web site.

Search Engine Optimization Services

You already own a website ? Congratulations. But how many visitors do you have ? What is your ranking on major search engines ? At, we take care of your website, and we can garantee to increase your visits and your sales too.

First things first

A lot of confusion exists between Indices and Search engines. Let us explain briefly the difference and the major players in today's world.

Directories (Indices)

Names like!, are often mistaken for search engines in common terminology, actually, they are what we call 'directories', even if the first relies on 'spiders' to provide additional results. Needless to say that inclusion in these two are necessary to ensure a maximal web presence. Yahoo charges $299 per annum while the other remains free but the inclusion is quite painstaking sometimes. Both have a major impact to guarantee good positions in a great deal of spiders. There are strict registration criteria to follow to ensure a maximum exposure.

Search engines (Spiders, crawlers or robots)

Majors names include,,,,,,, etc. Basically, there are two types of spiders: those you have to pay for - pay for spidering - (which can prove efficient if your site is brand new and you want to get traffic quiclky and easily and are ready to dedicate money), and those whichs remain free and are still the most popular, the most famous example being Google.

They use a robot called 'spider' or 'crawler' (e.g : Google uses googlebot) (a robot that crawls your site to feed it database). However, some search engines like Google also use Directories (based on

Major free spiders Getting good position depends on your skills and the popularity rate (PR) of your site. Good results can be achieved in Google at a fraction of the cost of other Spiders and Indices. It is fair to say that this is the Nr1 engine, you can't do without it. Besides it feeds a numerous amount of other search engines. This engine easily bans websites which it deems too spammy. Automated ranking software could get your site banned.
Click here to see what should NOT be done. If you have no clue on what to do, contact me. I'll get the best possible ranking for your money. And by the way, do no ever trust and company or individual that will tell you he will get your site nr1 for sure! second by importance. Submission is free (paying options too) and results are great. Feeds Mostly relevant to non US only websites. one is basically free, but you can also pays for quicker registration, not really necessary. They recently updated their algorithm and traffic coming from altavista is increasing little by little.

Pay For Spidering / Pay For Placement Paid option available, not really necessary.,,, etc. You usually have to pay a variable amount of money per url to get listed in the database (e.g: inktomi charges $40 by url). The advantage of this method is that you don't have to wait to get registered, paying for this service will help you show up in many others. The drawbacks are that you have to pay for each url and those sites are not necessarily the most popular ones.

Pay for placement (PPP)

The most famous sites are undoubtly (mostly relevant for commercial site since listing is not based on optimization but on money, (which is a key player in Europe) and, a major name, was formerly a regular directory has switched to Pay for placement (Getting listed in looksmart helps achieve better positions in MSN.COM). Basically, you take an account with them and bid to determine the position you want to have. Usually, being in the top three bidders will help you show up in other search engines or indices like and

What can we do for you ?

- Site optimization for the American market (USA) or search optimisation for the UK
In order to make your site marketable to the world, the HTML code needs to be optimized to please the spiders. This includes placing the right keywords at the right place, enhancing the text content of your site, checking the site structure and internal linking. Let a professional take care of this job.

- Increase of your site popularity (PR)
For your site to show up amongst the top 10 or 20 for a search query, it needs to have inbound links pointing to it. What does it mean? Nowadays, spiders use this technique to assume the popularity of your site, for them, the more links (of good quality and on-topic) pointing to your site, the better. They assume that if many sites point to yours the more relevant it is likely to be as it recognized by peers.

- Search engine submission and follow-up
Registration of your site in major FREE and popular spiders and directories. We will never tell you we will register in thousands of useless search engines. We will only focuse on those that drive traffic to your site.

- Consulting for registration in major PAYING search engines (in order to get the maximum exposure for your money).
If you have a decent marketing budget, we can help you set up an account on PPP (Pay per position) search engines like and to ensure maximum exposure in a minimum of time.

- Continuous efforts during 6 months which is the normal time frame after which you can start observing results.

- Visitor tracking systems and visitors' behavior analysis.

- Translation of your main pages into different languages to attract international traffic.

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